Has something in your life fallen apart? Do you crave more meaning and purpose? Want to give up that corporate job? Feeling angst about turning thirty, forty, fifty, sixty? 


Maybe you’re struggling with divorce, addiction, job loss, or depression, or just curious about a recurring dream or odd coincidences that keep showing up.


These are all ways your Soul reveals clues about your deepest desires. The Soul speaks through dreams, symbols, meaningful coincidences, relationships, films, and even anxiety and illness.


Let me teach you the language of the unconscious so you can uncover your deepest desires and hidden purpose.


If you're looking for a reflection partner - one with a PhD in depth psychology and her own story of midlife transformation - click here to schedule a FREE 30-minute zoom chat. 

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How to Start Working With Your Unconscious 

My 5-Step Process

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My five-step process to working with the unconscious emerged naturally as I became more experienced working with my images. Midlife unraveling and learning about depth psychology mysteriously happened in parallel fashion. My sneaky Soul. I’m pretty sure that was the plan, experiential learning at its best. 

  1. Gathering Intelligence - Noticing how your unconscious is trying to communicate with you, like a detective looking for clues that lead to solving a mystery. 

  2. Finding Themes and Patterns - Finding themes and patterns is about making connections between things that on the surface don’t appear to be related.  There’s no analysis yet, merely noticing, making connections, and documenting in your journals.

  3. Where is This Happening in Your Life- In this step, you try to find the metaphor. This step is about thinking symbolically about your images. 

  4. Finding New Insights and Meaning - Finding new insights and meaning is the analysis part. You’re not looking for answers as much as meaning and new insights, what many refer to as ah-ha moments. The symbolic is evolving into knowledge about what needs to change in your life. 

  5. Integrating a New Attitude or Behavior - Integrating a new attitude or behavior into daily life is the part where you take responsibility for meeting your own psychological and spiritual needs. 

Want to learn more? I talk more about this in Chapter 4 of my new book, Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening? Click the button to check it out. 

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Other Services

Girl Talk - With an Expert

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How it Works

Women gather – to plot how to make the world a better place, to vent about the kids and husband, to share secret desires, to get a respite from conventional life. 


Are you looking for something new to do with your girlfriends? Do you have a feeling there’s something more lurking beneath the surface of your life, but you can’t quite grab hold of it? 

Most of who we are is a mystery, and science backs that up. You really cannot be sure of the hidden agenda behind what you do, how you think, and why you’re attracted to or repelled by certain people. 


Just as you need to learn Spanish to communicate with Spanish speakers, learning the language of the unconscious is required to interpret the messages your unconscious sends. 

  1. Book a date and pay $25 deposit – Your 90-minute session can be hosted on an evening after work at your home or other private setting. Or maybe in the back of a coffee shop on a weekend. Geography is no longer an obstacle with zoom. Email me at

  2. Send invites and RSVP’s – I’ll help you with outreach and user-friendly language as you gather RSVP’s. 5-10 people make for a meaningful and safe experience. 

  3. Pick a topic – Choose right away or ask your invitees. Depth, expertise, and humor can be added to any topic. Dreams, sex, spirituality, relationships, personality type, binge TV watching are all things we tend to talk about. 

  4. Finalize agenda and pay $225 balance – 48 hours before the event, I’ll put final touches on the agenda and collect the remainder of the fee. You might choose to sponsor the event partially or fully or divide the fee amongst attendees.

  5. Enjoy Girl Talk with an Expert – Agenda: (1) Introductions to personalize the experience; (2) Weaving my own experiences through basic concepts encourages participation; (3) Discussion, self-reflection, journaling/artwork, and laughter are a fun way to gain new insights about yourself.