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My FIRST Podcast - A Conversation with Rhonda Noordyk, Founder of Women's Financial Wellness Center

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

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“What if…?” is something that relentlessly goes through the minds of women experiencing divorce. It is an internal mental battle that causes numbness, avoidance, and isolation, all stemming from the fear of the unknown. The financial and emotional burdens often lead to immobility. Due to how life-altering divorce is, we specialize in working with women going through divorce by providing step-by-step guidance for anyone considering, experiencing, or picking up the pieces after divorce.

Founder & CEO, Rhonda Noordyk, built her career from her passion and mission of helping women–especially those in a vulnerable position–find their paths, find their voices and find the confidence they need to lift themselves out of seemingly hopeless financial situations. Since starting the Women’s Financial Wellness Center in 2014, after a 10+ year career in the financial industry, she has helped alleviate financial vulnerability throughout the state of Wisconsin, revolutionized the financial experience for women and provided women with the tools they need to improve long-term financial behaviors. She is the author of Power of God daily devotional and a whitepaper on Revolutionizing Divorce for Women. Lastly, she is an adjunct faculty member at Waukesha County Technical College.

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To learn more about the services Rhonda offers to women going through divorce visit: www.womensfinancialwellnesscenter.com

To learn more about the workshops and coaching services I offer to women (and men) that empower them to unravel unconscious patterns of thinking and behavior that get in the way of moving forward on relationships and in other areas, visit:


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