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What is Depth Psychology Coaching?

Depth psychology coaching feels like an Indiana Jones adventure. It's exciting and scary at the same time.


It's like leading a double life. Part of you lives in one world where things are reduced to the literal. There's no mystery and everything feels boring. There's this whole other world, the bottomless pit of your unconscious. And then you realize that your personal unconscious exists within the context of the collective unconscious. It's a bottomless pit. 

No one understands why you're antsy, why living a conventionally successful life just isn't enough even if you want it to be. 

Professor Jones understood the mysterious language of the symbol and metaphor, which is the language of the unconscious. The images that appear in your dreams, your crazy obsessions, getting swept up in an ironic love affair that feels so wrong, it all serves a mysterious unconscious agenda that is for your benefit. 

Surrendering to the mysteries of life will bring new heights of ecstasy and depths of meaning. Are you ready? 

Do You Need a Depth Psychology Coach?

Maybe. If you:


  • Feel trapped in a situation, job, or relationship, and you can’t figure out how to accept it or leave it


  • You’ve already had a crisis or unraveling, and now you need a framework for reconstructing your new self.


  • After ending a long-term relationship, you jumped into a new one and now you see red flags but don’t trust your intuition. 

  • After divorce, you did the better thing by focusing on yourself first, and now you’re feeling insecure about dating, love, your body, and sex.

  • You can’t get to the bottom of your generalized anxiety or angst about an upcoming birthday.


100% virtual. I can work with you wherever you live, we don't have to waste time commuting, and you can create a personalized and sacred space for our sessions, which are held via zoom or other virtual app. 

100% private pay. No approval needed or constraints imposed by insurance companies who put profit over your wellbeing anyway. Check with your employer about using your health savings accounts or other program that contributes to your mental health and overall wellbeing. I take payments via Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal. We'll talk price during the free consultation. 

Frequency. Most people see me every other week because once we open the doorway to your unconscious, you'll have so much material to explore. A few see me weekly and a few see me monthly. 

How Sessions Look and Feel 


The mind/ego gets us started. Typically, my clients will have something specific they want to talk about. This is the ego thinking it knows what's going on. We'll start there. 

Opening up to the wisdom from the unconscious. We'll work with recent dreams, disproportionate emotional responses to events, meaningful coincidences, preoccupations with films, people, songs, fantasy images or obsessions. This is always a faster path to insights than the mind. 

Relaxing into active imagination. The fun and mind-blowing insights and unleashing happens here. We will relax into a deeper level of consciousness and explore and tend to the images that emerge. They could be memories, fantasies, feelings, landscapes. As I listen and guide my clients as they follow their imagination (the language of Soul/Psyche), huge ah-ha's happen that shift perspective and lead to receiving knowledge from a mysterious Source. 

Application. New insights lead to realizations about new behaviors needed, which can trigger fear, anxiety, excitement, lots of emotions. Together, we plan actions to try out. Terrifying and exciting is a great combination that often leads to creative unleashing.  

How Does Depth Psychology Coaching Work?


Kari, Hooper, UT

Reclaiming My Voice
Before I met Deborah I was in a very dark, not even able to recognize the verbal abuse that I was experiencing in a close relationship. Every single session with Deborah was helpful. She made me feel important, stand up for myself, and know I could make choices that were best for me. Active imagination, dream work, and Deborah's voice of  confidence in me helped me take a new step forward. I learned to understand my emotions and learned to be curious rather than judgmental, to ask myself, “What’s going on? What is this emotion trying to tell me?” Now I know I matter and I have a voice and a say. I can now see the truth in a situation, and I no longer accept blame that isn’t mine. I no longer apologize for taking up space and I'm getting better at choosing for myself and sticking to that no matter what anyone else says. I’m taking my power and my voice back and it has made a great difference in my life.
puzzle head.png

WC, Boston, MA

Always Surprised - In a Good Way
I came across Deborah when I found her podcast, Dose of Depth. I have benefited by a rare wisdom and intuition that emerges through application of Jungian principles, active imagination exercises, and practical ways to integrate new insights into my life. I highly recommend Deborah and her coaching! I look forward to every session because there is always an element of surprise (in a good way!) along with an opportunity to be seen and witnessed.
water and woods.png

Michelle, Milwaukee, WI

My Dreams Are Talking to Me! 
My therapist recommended Deborah when a series of vivid dreams got my attention, including one where something kept coming out of my nose. It freaked me out! I never knew my dreams were a way my unconscious was trying to tell me something, and I’m still getting used to the idea that people who show up in my dreams represent aspects of me. I’m still learning. It’s not about interpretation, and Deborah has taught me how to explore them on my own. I’m learning to trust an organic knowing about where the metaphor or symbol is in my life. Exploring my dreams is helping me on my journey to heal and better myself, and I already feel deeper connection with myself, my unconscious, my past, and parts of me that want to come out.
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Bob, Abington, PA

Trusting Myself More
Before I started sessions with Dr. Deborah, I was really feeling at odds with myself, not confident in my direction post-retirement. The time we spent exploring my unconscious, in particular analyzing some interesting dreams I had, really opened me up to receive the self-contained wisdom inside me. Deborah doesn't point out the truths in your unconscious mind, she helps you exercise the tools you need to discover them for yourself. As a result of this process I am feeling much more confident in myself and the decisions that I make. 
eye daniil-kuzelev-QRawWgV6gmo-unsplash copy.jpg

Vanessa, Roanoke, VA

New Insights About Old Experiences
I hit the Lottery When I found Deborah. I wanted to understand the origins of all sorts of patterns. Her combination of expertise in exploring the unconscious and skill as a coach has led to a thorough understanding of what drives me. And I'm just getting going. From day one, Deborah's insights on past experiences that I had long ago laughed off have been eye-opening. I now see the world and myself in it differently, and I'm curious about the deeper meaning in all sorts of things, even why I'm attracted to certain films, why I keep having the same dream, or synchronicities that occur between sessions. And it's fun!
abstract painting of sacred sexuality .jpg

James, Milwaukee, WI

Reconnecting with My Artist Self 
Not knowing how to talk with my wife about intimacy issues is what brought me to Deborah. Our sessions prompted so many insights about how I had shown up in past relationships, and even though my marriage ended, I’m more confident about knowing and communicating my needs and being able to opt out of toxic relationships in a way that doesn’t make my partner the bad guy. Deborah’s talent for guided active imagination and exploring dreams, along with my new commitment to meditation and journaling helped me reconnect with my artist self, which has been exciting. What surprised me most was how quickly I was able to open my mind, body, and spirit to a former self even during a trying time.
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