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How Are You Feeling About
Your Life These Days?

I'm on a mission to grow a movement of self-reflecting humans

I'm passionate about inspiring people to find deeper meaning in ordinary life events by learning the language of the unconscious.


If you're stuck or anxious, it's not your mind that holds the solution, rather the key is decoding messages communicated through your unconscious by an inner authority, what you could call Soul, Self, God, or creative intelligence. Once the messages are decoded, the new insight, attitude, or behavior is the doorway that leads to unleashing a new version of You.  


With a MA/PhD in depth psychology, I'm an expert in understanding and decoding the mysterious language of the unconscious. Clients come to me for all sorts of reasons, but what they have in common is a desire to access a new kind of knowing. As a Depth Psychology Coach, I hold space for the vulnerable work of coming into deeper relationship with that deeper part of them that knows more about them than they do. Learn more on my Services page. 




Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening? 5 Steps to Uncovering Your Hidden Purpose, combines my Jungian—based coaching framework for self-reflection with personal stories of midlife unraveling and healing wounds related to sexuality and spirituality.



Soul Talk 101 is a series of hands-on mini-lessons, like how to have a dialogue with your anxiety or explore your dreams. 




Dose of Depth Podcast & Blog


Through conversation, stories, and education, Dose of Depth Podcast encourages people to find deeper meaning in everyday life experiences. My blog posts integrate my own awkward and inspiring experiences in amusing stories.





Learn, Laugh & Be Inspired

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Learn the Language of the Unconscious

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“This book is a great supplement to therapy for those in midlife transition looking for purpose in their lives. Individuals who are learning to listen to their inner voice will find Deborah Lukovich’s book both instructive and relatable.”

—Stacey Shelby, PhD., Registered Clinical Counselor,

and author of Tracking the Wild Woman Archetype:

A Guide to Becoming a Whole In-Divisible Woman

I invite you to be curious about your unique experience of being human. Join me as we explore the deeper meaning of ordinary life experiences through conversation, stories, and education.


You might have a serious ah-ha moment, or you might be amused by the movie your life seems to be imitating, or you might just be entertained by one of my awkward stories. I’m hoping you’ll become more aware of those moments when a deeper part of you is prompting you to see things differently and maybe even go a new direction.


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