Working with Your Personal Images 

C.G. Jung suggested that the language of the psyche is the image. Just as you need to learn Spanish to communicate with Spanish speakers, learning the language of the unconscious is required to interpret the messages your unconscious sends you all day long. Download a handout on how to get started working with your personal images. 

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My 5-Step Process to Working With Your Unconscious 

Let me teach you the language of the unconscious to uncover your hidden desires. My 5-step process: 

  1. Gathering Intelligence.

  2. Finding Themes and Patterns.

  3. Where is This Happening in Your Life.

  4. Finding New Insights and Meaning.

  5. Integrating a New Attitude or Behavior.

Download the FREE PDF.


Want to learn more? I talk more about this in Chapter 4 of my new book, Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening? Click the button to check it out. 

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