Working with Your Personal Images 

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C.G. Jung suggested that the language of the psyche is the image. Just as you need to learn Spanish to communicate with Spanish speakers, learning the language of the unconscious is required to interpret the messages your unconscious sends you all day long. Download a handout on how to get started working with your personal images. 

My 5-Step Process to Working With Your Unconscious 

Let me teach you the language of the unconscious to uncover your hidden desires. My 5-step process: 

  1. Gathering Intelligence.

  2. Finding Themes and Patterns.

  3. Where is This Happening in Your Life.

  4. Finding New Insights and Meaning.

  5. Integrating a New Attitude or Behavior.


Want to learn more? I talk more about this in Chapter 4 of my new book, Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening? Click the button to check it out. 

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My Interviews

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Listen to Deep in the Unconscious w/Shane Pokroy of Underground Antics 

What a lively and relatable conversation I had with Shane on his podcast. It was kind of like a depth psychology 101 class that included real life stories sprinkled with a sense of humor. Some of the topics we explored included the nature of Soul, Jung's theory of the transcendent third, how the Greek God Hermes as Trickster shows up to give us a kick in the ass when we need it, how to find meaning in an embodied dream, how to relate to opposing forces that are wreaking havoc in your life, and how to relate to anxiety in a way you probably haven't considered. 

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Listen to The Path to Connection w/Jennifer Day

Jennifer and I had a conversation that went many places, including a discussion about a different kind of anxiety young adults suffer from today. We talked dreams, and parental complexes, and ways to come into deeper relationship with our inner being, our Self. I know you will enjoy the energy of our conversation as you sip from a cup of coffee or glass of wine. 

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Listen to Life Got Lifey, w/Rockshana Desances of Things of that Nature

Rockshana goes wherever the conversation goes, and we had so much fun talking about life during this interview. Enjoy! 

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