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Learning Through Doing

Working with Personal Images

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C.G. Jung suggested that the language of the psyche is the image. What is the psyche? It’s the totality of who you are – your conscious and unconscious.


Most of who we are is a mystery, and science backs that up. You really cannot be sure of the hidden agenda behind what you do, how you think, and why you’re attracted to or repelled by certain people. 

Just as you need to learn Spanish to communicate with Spanish speakers, learning the language of the unconscious is required to interpret the messages your unconscious sends you all day long.


Download a handout on how to get started working with your personal images. 

My 5-Step Process to Working With Your Unconscious 

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Let me teach you the language of the unconscious to uncover your hidden desires. My 5-step process: 

  1. Gathering Intelligence.

  2. Finding Themes and Patterns.

  3. Where is This Happening in Your Life.

  4. Finding New Insights and Meaning.

  5. Integrating a New Attitude or Behavior.

Want to learn more? This one-sheet draws from Chapter 4 of my book, Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening? 5 Steps to Uncovering Your Hidden Purpose

You can also listen to me read Chapter 4 on Dose of Depth podcast

Template for Difficult Conversations

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Do you sweat when your boss calls you into the office? Do you want to be more effective giving feedback to your team members or manager? Are you stuck in a co-dependent pattern with your partner at home? Do you have an authority complex? What do you say when your teenage children start drifting away? 


In the book, Crucial Conversations (2002, Kerry Patterson, et al.), the authors define a crucial conversation as one where the stakes feel high. What’s at stake could be someone’s respect, income, identity, sense of self, or even income. I added my own spin to the Start with Heart principle (from Crucial Conversations, 2002, Kerry Patterson, et al.) and created a template.

Learning Through Conversation

The Hidden Meaning
of Relationships

Shane #80.jpeg

Enjoy my chat with Shane Pokroy of Underground Antics podcast. Watch a video of our chat on YouTube. We chat about my new framework that I refer to as the 3P's of Relationship. 

An Indiana Jones Adventure

Gregory of Mean Machine.jpeg

What a fun chat with Gregory of The Mean Machine Radio Show. I got to know Gregory on Twitter, where he describes himself as SuperDad, Scorpio, NJ 88.6 WGAT Show Host, Ex Sports Radio DJ, Voice Overs '70's, 80's, 90's, On-Air Guests, Sarcasm & helping people fight back and feel better.


We bantered about how exploring our unconscious can be super scary and also like an Indiana Jones adventure full of risk and reward.


Gregory has such a wonderful voice and a big heart. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel for videos of his interviews and catch his show on Spotify, iHeart Radio, amazon music and more.


Enjoy, be inspired, and laugh!

Midlife Unraveling

Lynn alone.png

Lynn Debilzen helps women celebrate sensitivity as a source of strength, supporting them to reframe and rewrite their narratives, challenge their comfort zone, and live their best life.


I never know what will come out of me during an interview, and after my first two, I let go of the need to prepare. There were too many possibilities of how it could go.

Instead, I trust the mysterious alchemical workings of two people engaging with the intent of inspiring others to allow their best version to unfold.


I'm far from fully understanding my own story and how my unique experience of being human continues to inform my purpose.

Connecting With Self
Emotional Wellbeing

path to connection image.jpeg

This conversation goes many places, including a discussion about a different kind of anxiety young adults suffer from today.


We talked dreams, and parental complexes, and ways to come into deeper relationship with our inner being, our Self. I know you will enjoy the energy of our conversation as you sip from a cup of coffee or glass of wine. 

Soul Talk, Self-Reflection & Synchronicity

A Chat with radio host Marc Medley.png

Listen to my chat about with radio host Marc Medley, host of The Reading Room, on Brave New Radio WP88.7.


What a delightful man! We talk about my Soul book, self-reflection, synchronicity and more. Check him out and consider subscribing to his YouTube Channel. 

Depth Psychology 101

Available on all podcast platforms-2.png

A lively and relatable conversation with Shane illustrating depth psychology concepts through real life stories sprinkled with a sense of humor.


Topics include the nature of Soul, Jung's theory of the transcendent third, how the Greek God Hermes as Trickster shows up to give us a kick in the ass when we need it, how to find meaning in an embodied dream, and how to relate to anxiety in a new way.

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