Depth Psychology Coaching

Has something in your life fallen apart? Do you crave more meaning and purpose? Want to give up that corporate job? Feeling angst about turning thirty, forty, fifty, sixty? 


Maybe you’re struggling with divorce, addiction, job loss, or depression, or just curious about a recurring dream or odd coincidences that keep showing up.


Through coaching, writing, and conversation, I am on a mission to empower people with a framework for self-reflection focused on learning the language of the unconscious, through which the Soul reveals clues about our deepest desires.

With twenty-five years as a trusted advisor and consultant, plus a MA/PhD in Depth Psychology with a specialization in Jungian and Archetypal Studies, I am particularly suited at empowering you to get to know that 95% of you that remains in your unconscious.

Not ready for coaching? My most recent book Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening? 5 Steps to Uncovering Your Hidden Purpose, combines my Jungian—based coaching framework for self-reflection with personal stories of midlife unraveling and healing wounds related to sexuality and spirituality.

Let me teach you the language of the unconscious so you can uncover your deepest desires and hidden purpose.

"I was about to turn 40 and had a dream about a grizzly bear mauling my Family!"

Peacock Feather

“I couldn’t see what was happening beneath my Type-A life—full of career success and fulfillment as a wife and mother of two boys. Angst about approaching my fortieth birthday and a dream about a grizzly bear that mauled my family brought me to Dr. Deborah.

Our sessions, journaling, drawing, and a new commitment to a day per month devoted to myself were my gifts to me. My recent dream about the sick but beautiful and vividly colored peacock I was unable to console served as the warning of a breaking point, but also provided a glimpse into my future now that I am tending to my Self.

Deborah’s book will help you hear the pleas of your inner being.”  

—Dana Felton, Coaching Client

Get Dr. Deborah's Coaching

in Her Book

“My friend has brought a treasure into the world through the making of this book. Deborah has a remarkable ability to condense complicated and abstract concepts into digestible ideas. Not only has she done that in this excellent introduction to depth psychology, but she has also made the material relatable, humorous, and inviting.

If you want to become the kind of person that celebrates your own uniqueness and diversity, then it would do you well to give Deborah's coaching or book a try.” 


—Alex Luber, LPC, M.S.

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"I needed a different kind of
expertise and approach."

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Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

“I was ready to dive deeper into my inner psyche, and I needed someone with a different kind of expertise and approach than mine, so I could really learn, bend, and stretch.


I’m an insight junkie, and the new ah-ha’s and topics that have surfaced during my sessions with Deborah fascinate me. I’m more interested in and engaged with my own story and well-being now, and I’m really digging the inner child work and active imagination exercises.


Working with Deborah has helped me view my experiences through an integrative lens, illuminating the distinction between my ‘now’ and ‘then,’ and how the two are linked.” 

–Jennifer Van Rossum, MA, LPC

Clarity Through Journaling & Drawing

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“I always knew my dreams and odd coincidences were trying to tell me something, but I didn’t know how to decode them, until Deborah taught me how to speak the language of the unconscious.

I’ve gained so much CLARITY about my life because of our sessions and because journaling and drawing are now a part of my life.


And her book will help you find meaning in what you might be tempted to dismiss as meaningless.” 

—Kinnethia Tolson

"My world got rocked!"


“After my divorce, I was lost, and nothing made sense anymore. I didn’t know anything about Depth Psychology and drawing my dream during one of Deborah’s workshops made me feel silly, but something shifted in me. I hardly recognize myself after three years of allowing my dreams to guide our sessions and my journey.


Working through this book is like having Deborah right there with you—as storyteller, teacher, guide, and cheerleader.” 

–Angela Sterling, Coaching Client

Unconscious Patterns Behind Leadership Style 


I've had experience leading teams as small as 3 and as large as 85. I thought I was doing a pretty good job. I talked a lot about goal setting, personal growth, and was always sure to follow-through on regular performance evaluations. Working with Deborah opened my eyes to a whole world of personal and team health that I was overlooking. 


I learned from her the importance of first digging deep and doing some inner work - to think about your personal motivations, passions, and sometimes even your childhood complexes. It's important for a leader to know how they are presenting themselves to their team, and to be transparent about their own journey. 


–Tom Cramer, Former Program Manager, Playworks

Girl Talk - With an Expert

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Women gather – to plot how to make the world a better place, to vent about the kids and husband, to share secret desires, to get a respite from conventional life. 


Are you looking for something new to do with your girlfriends? Do you have a feeling there’s something more lurking beneath the surface of your life, but you can’t quite grab hold of it? 

Most of who we are is a mystery, and science backs that up. You really cannot be sure of the hidden agenda behind what you do, how you think, and why you’re attracted to or repelled by certain people. 


Just as you need to learn Spanish to communicate with Spanish speakers, learning the language of the unconscious is required to interpret the messages your unconscious sends.