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Midlife unraveling, research on women, sex, and God, and moving to a beach town forced a reunion with a buried and creative part of myself. My writing offers equal parts entertainment and healing. I'm excitedly working to publish my memoir, When Sex Meets God, as well as my research. My blog posts and short stories are inspired by my most awkward and meaningful life experiences. 

As a reflection partner, I'm passionate about helping people come into deeper relationship with Self and Others. I use a framework based on C.G. Jung’s theory of individuation, and I teach tools for harnessing the wisdom of the unconscious. Click here to learn about my coaching services.


Books & Short Stories

In my coming memoir Sex Meets God: One Woman’s Experience of Inner Reconciliation, I share my experience of being swept up in a post-divorce relationship with a younger man that facilitated the healing of wounds related to my sexuality and spirituality. It reads more like a juicy novel about a woman's coming out sexually at midlife. Click here to learn more.

Click here to find out how to download a PDF of my research.

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My Blog


“I usually save your posts to savor later, when I’m in a quiet and private space,

but I felt compelled to read this one right away! It spoke to me urgently and expressively.

Thank you for providing this frank and honest post this morning on the opening of the New Year.

And thanks for beckoning us to pay attention to our dreams

and even attempt to draw the images that they may contain, subconsciously.” 

-- Yvonne Lumsden Dill

Which Netflix Series Are You Living? My writing is inspired by my own experience of life, which I've come to embrace as a personal Netflix Series. My newly-acquired expertise in depth psychology (C.G. Jung, psychology of the soul) means I can offer you a framework and tools for finding meaning in your own crazy life experience. 

Mystic Detective. Writing about surprising insights and amusing observations about my life has helped me process the many unexpected experiences of midlife transformation. Personal insights often lead me to see deeper forces at work in the larger culture. 


Intelligently Vulnerable. My writing makes space for conversation about topics that are difficult or embarrassing to talk about. With depth, and often humor, my posts and stories are inspired by my most awkward, intense, and meaningful experiences.


Intensely Introspective. I hope my writing entertains for sure, as well as inspires reflection, and offers healing to those who relate on a more personal level. 

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