I'm a Writer!

First came midlife unraveling, which coincided with a calling to study depth psychology. Then came midlife reconstruction and my PhD research on women, sex, and God. The reward of exploring my unconscious came in the form a new sense of purpose and creativity unleashed when I picked up and moved to a beach town. 


My writing offers equal parts entertainment and healing. Sharing my most awkward experiences creates space for others to do the same. My style of conversational instruction, sprinkled with humor, guides you through information, stories, and practical approaches to tapping into the wisdom of your unconscious. 

Read my first short story—The Fantasy 


My blog posts are inspired by my most awkward and meaningful life experiences. 

I'm working on a memoir about my experience of reconciling sexuality and spirituality during midlife. My memoir was inspired by my PhD research, which explored women's experience of reconciling sexuality and spirituality through the lens of the Jungian Theory of Individuation. 


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New Book Coming in November!

Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening?

5 Steps to Uncovering Your Hidden Purpose.

Has something in your life fallen apart? Something that challenged your beliefs about yourself and others? Do you crave more meaning and purpose? I want to get you excited about exploring the most important final frontier—your inner world. 


The Soul speaks through dreams, symbols, meaningful coincidences, relationships, films, songs, and even depression and injuries. Learning the language of the unconscious is required to decode its messages. 


There is another version of you waiting to be released from the prison of convention that has kept you from your true power. Use my book as a guide to come into deeper relationship with your Self and Others. 

I'm Still a Coach!

I'm passionate about helping people come into deeper relationship with Self and Others. I use a framework based on C.G. Jung’s theory of individuation, and I teach the language of the unconscious—dreams, synchronicity, symbols, film images, complexes, personality type, and more. 


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My Blog


“I usually save your posts to savor later, when I’m in a quiet and private space,

but I felt compelled to read this one right away! It spoke to me urgently and expressively.

Thank you for providing this frank and honest post this morning on the opening of the New Year.

And thanks for beckoning us to pay attention to our dreams

and even attempt to draw the images that they may contain, subconsciously.” 

-- Yvonne Lumsden Dill

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