Author, Coach & Over-Sharer

I'm an accidentally funny (so says my family), awkward nerd who over-shares to encourage others to explore the deeper meaning of their lives.


I am an author, coach, blogger & NOW a podcaster. My writing, which is inspired by my most awkward, intense, and meaningful mid-life experiences, offers equal parts entertainment and healing.


My most recent book, Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening? 5 Steps to Uncovering Your Hidden Purpose, combines my Jungian—based coaching framework for self-reflection with personal stories of midlife unraveling and healing wounds related to sexuality and spirituality. 


My writing really began in February of 2013, with this journal entry: I can't live like this anymore! Twelve hundred pages later, my journaling has documented lots of life experiences. I didn't know why I had to study depth psychology, but my PhD research and writing helped me find the real purpose of my midlife unraveling AND made me realize my experience was part of something new erupting from the collective unconscious.


Writing my first short story—The Fantasy—turned pent-up sexual desire into an entertaining story, and two subsequent stories reflected the anxiety of figuring out my new life. 


Why do I write? I write for me AND I write for others. I love taking the mystery out of otherwise difficult concepts, and I get off on helping people explore the guidance being offered to them by their unconscious via dreams, obsessions, fantasies, and even anxiety.

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What People Say About My Book

“I couldn’t see what was happening underneath my Type-A life. Angst about turning forty and a dream about a grizzly bear that mauled my family brought me to Dr. Deborah. Her book will help you hear the pleas of your own inner being.”

—Dana Felton, Coaching Client


“This book is a great supplement to therapy for those in midlife transition looking for purpose in their lives. Individuals who are learning to listen to their inner voice will find Deborah Lukovich’s book both instructive and relatable.”


—Stacey Shelby, PhD., Registered Clinical Counselor, and author of

Tracking the Wild Woman Archetype:

A Guide to Becoming a Whole In-Divisible Woman

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Has something in your life fallen apart? Do you crave more meaning and purpose? Maybe you’re struggling with divorce, addiction, job loss, or depression or afraid to get out and date again. 


Or maybe you're just curious about your dreams or love talking about what's beneath the surface of pop culture trends. I love Jungian film theory.


The Soul speaks through dreams, symbols, meaningful coincidences, relationships, films, and even anxiety and illness. Let me teach you the language of the unconscious to find your Soul's hidden purpose.

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