The first part of my life was kind of conventional. I had careers in financial planning, fundraising, and nonprofit consulting. I felt fulfilled founding a nonprofit to encourage college-age women to run for political office and helping bring back my local urban beach. I got married, then divorced, along the way raising two children who are now 21 and 19 and living their own journey. 


Then midlife came, and they’re not kidding about the crisis part – a complete unraveling of my life. 


A synchronistic event compelled me to pursue an expensive education in depth (soul) psychology for unknown reasons. 


What did not unravel was my passion for making the world a better place and my capacity to connect deeply with others, especially women. I just lacked a focus – for a little while anyway. 


On May 15th, 2020 I secured my PhD after defending my dissertation: Women, Sex & God: Through the Lens of Jungian Theory of Individuation.


I’ve been told I have a talent for making space to talk about what are otherwise awkward and embarrassing topics, and what could be more awkward than the partnership between Sex and God. 


In my coming memoir Sex Meets God: One Woman’s Experience of Inner Reconciliation, I share my experience of being swept up in a post-divorce relationship with a younger man that facilitated the healing of wounds related to my sexuality and spirituality. It reads more like a juicy novel about a woman's coming out sexually at midlife. Click here to learn more.

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