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Valentine's Day Coaching Special

Learn the 3P's of Relationship

3 Sessions for $225

(must be used by end of  February)

Are you looking for love? Or maybe love is the last thing you want right now. Have you been swept up in an irrational ironic love affair that doesn't make sense but feels so good? Or maybe you just crashed and burned.


Are you a millennial woman feeling the pressure of the biological clock? Are you a millennial man feeling like you don't check all those boxes for women? Did you jump into a new relationship too soon after ending your last one, and now you don't trust yourself to interpret those red flags? Or, maybe you're happily married but wanting to be more creative about meeting each other's needs? 

Relationships and romantic attraction are mysterious, and there's an unconscious agenda at play. There's a PURPOSE to every romantic encounter, one that cannot be grasped by your mind. 

That purpose is discovered by exploring what you're PROJECTING onto each other, and how those projections reflect patterns of thinking and behaving that are rooted in early childhood. 

The more you cling to the need for a relationship to be PERMANENT, the less likely it will be.


Let me teach you a framework to navigate the challenges of relationship.

Exciting News! 

I'm a contributor to, an online membership community created by and for the Baby Boomer Generation. You can now get my latest podcast episodes and blog posts on the site, which is full of content for boomers. 

How Are You Feeling About Your Life These Days?

I'm passionate about inspiring people to find deeper meaning in ordinary life events by learning the language of the unconscious. Science affirms that unconscious forces direct up to 95% of who we are - the decisions we make, emotional responses, personality quirks, and even to whom we're attracted. And that's just looking at the personal unconscious. 


So, if you're stuck, it's not your mind that holds the solution, rather the key is decoding messages communicated through your unconscious by an inner authority, what you could call Soul, Self, God, or creative intelligence. Once the messages are decoded, the new insight, attitude, or behavior is the doorway that leads to the other side.  

Check out FREE content, products, and coaching services:

Depth Psychology Coaching (100% virtual). With a MA/PhD in depth psychology, I'm an expert in understanding and decoding the mysterious language of the unconscious. Learn more about my services.


My new book, Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening? 5 Steps to Uncovering Your Hidden Purpose, combines my Jungian—based coaching framework for self-reflection with personal stories of midlife unraveling and healing wounds related to sexuality and spirituality.


Blog, Podcast, Instagram, Twitter. . . All ways I encourage others to explore the deeper meaning of ordinary life experiences through stories, conversation, and education.  

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Check out my Podcast

Dose of Depth


I invite you to be curious about your unique experience of being human.

In this podcast, we’ll explore the deeper meaning of ordinary life experiences through conversation, stories, and education. You might have a serious ah-ha moment, or you might be amused by the movie your life seems to be imitating, or you might just be entertained by one of my awkward stories. I’m hoping you’ll become more aware of those moments when a deeper part of you is prompting you to see things differently and maybe even go a new direction.

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Read My Book 

You'll love my book if you're into Soul and psychology stuff, something has fallen apart in your life, you're craving more meaning and purpose, struggling with relationships and dating again, addiction, anxiety, job loss.The Soul speaks through dreams, symbols,  meaningful coincidences, relationships, films, and even anxiety and illness. Let me teach you the language of the unconscious to find your Soul's hidden purpose. Click here to check out my book and all the heartfelt reviews on Amazon

“This book is a great supplement to therapy for those in midlife transition looking for purpose in their lives. Individuals who are learning to listen to their inner voice will find Deborah Lukovich’s book both instructive and relatable.”

—Stacey Shelby, PhD., Registered Clinical Counselor,

and author of Tracking the Wild Woman Archetype:

A Guide to Becoming a Whole In-Divisible Woman

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