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From Confusion to Clarity

Are you at that point in life when external markers of success no longer align with what truly matters to you? 

You might feel trapped–mentally, emotionally, and financially–in the very systems that got you where you are today. Confusion, anxiety, and even fear might be obstacles to figuring out what to do next. 


Underneath the surface might be resentment, anger and even guilt about feeling the way you feel. Suppressing these emotions can impact relationships and your health. 

As your depth psychology coach, I will help you harness a deeper source of wisdom by teaching you the language of your unconscious.


If you're confused about why you feel dissatisfied with life and relationships, or you're thinking about the legacy you really want to leave, it's time to stop trying to think your way out of it and learn the language of your unconscious, your deeper source of wisdom. Let me be your expert guide.

Deborah Lukovich PhD

Depth Psychology Coach, Author &

Host of Dose of Depth Podcast

Be Inspired, Learn & Laugh

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Dose of Depth Podcast

I invite you to explore the deeper meaning of ordinary life experiences through conversations, stories, and education.

You might have a serious ah-ha moment or be entertained by  one of my awkward stories.

I'm hoping you'll become more aware of those moments when a deeper part of yourself is prompting you to see things differently and maybe even go a new direction.

Let's get started.  

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The Language of Your Unconscious

Like an iceberg, most of you is unknown, and science backs that up. In my book, Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening? I teach you how to hear and communicate with your unconscious, your deeper source of wisdom. 

Your biggest challenge will be conventional systems that have influenced your approach to life, and certain patterns of thinking and behaving that are rooted in childhood experiences. The new version of you is waiting.


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