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Depth of Wisdom

Ready to uncover hidden aspects of yourself needed to live your life with meaning and purpose?

Enroll in a six-month program that will help you gain access to the inner wisdom required to pursue your deepest desires with clarity and purpose. With personalized guidance and deep introspection, you'll confront hidden aspects of yourself and unleash a new version of yourself.


Deborah Lukovich, PhD, a depth psychologist specializing in the unconscious, will support and hold you accountable throughout the journey towards self-discovery and fulfillment. Take the first step towards breaking invisible barriers and unlocking your true potential.

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Month One:

Get Relief & Begin Exploring​

Agenda: You will learn how to get relief from anxiety and negative emotions, cultivate an attitude of curiosity, and together we will find clues in your dreams, relationship conflicts, and parental complexes about how to change your life.


Outcome: You will start to see what you couldn't see before, find new meaning in past events, disarm habitual reactions to situations and people, and notice how the world around you responds to your inner shift.

Hatha Class

Month Two:

Harness the Wisdom of the Body

Agenda: All your memories and life experiences are stored in your body. You will learn to breathe better, discover the psycho/spiritual meaning of your health challenges, and grow in your capacity to meet your own psychological needs and be intimate with yourself.


Outcome: Your quality of life will improve, freeing up energy to discover and confidently pursue your deepest desires.

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Month Three:

Ancestral Context & Purpose

Agenda: Seeking meaning and finding purpose is a strong human instinct. We will explore the thread of purpose that's always been in the background and discover what question your life is trying to answer.


Outcome: By exploring ancestral wounds through active imagination, you will transcend the personal and open up to the archetypal realm to allow creative intelligence to confidently flow through you in a way that contributes to the larger human family.

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Month Four:

Your Unconscious Wants to Create

Agenda: Now you're ready to get swept up by the archetypal energies that want to use your unique human experience to create what only you and it can create together. You will learn about the role sexual arousal, attraction, pleasure and fantasies play in your coming creative expression now that your purpose is more clear. Not everyone will understand you anymore.


Outcome: You now trust that deepest part of you that is leading you towards a new sense of purpose that isn't only about your personal life anymore. You will also be prepared for how others will respond to the new you.

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Months Five and Six:

Integration, Practice & Unleashing

Agenda: You will continue to have access to my expertise and support as you grow in confidence to take the actions you know need to be taken to live life on your own terms.


Outcome: Challenging your own indoctrination will be a life-long project. The spiral is a great metaphor for how you will circle back to your wound, finding even deeper meaning, and integrating more insights into your new life and purpose.

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After Six Months of Diligent Work

Relief & Clarity. You know the language of your unconscious and how to get distance from problematic thoughts and emotions to explore their deeper meaning. You’ll be alert to old patterns and growing your capacity to stay in desired emotional states longer.


Actions & Visible Results. Six months of access to my expertise, teachings, and accountability means you’ve integrated new insights into your life and the external world has begun to shift, including your health and relationships.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your investment of $5,000 (USD) and working diligently with me for six months will result in profound insights about how the past manifests in the present, specific strategies to get relief from the difficult emotions, conflicts, obsessive behaviors, and physical issues that arise from deep seated and unconscious patterns, and knowledge about how your unconscious offers clues that are pulling you into the future. Finally, you’ll have clarity and confidence about what's trying to emerge from your depths and experience a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment.


If you don’t feel this way after six months, you get me for another 30 days for free.

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