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Enjoy inspirational images and questions to explore your unconscious. 


I'm on a mission to inspire and empower people to self-reflect, and this reflection booklet, which contains pages to process through journaling and drawing, started as posts on my Instagram account. One day, a follower told me he saved them, and a new idea was born, to offer collections of ten at a time in a workbook format


You're going to find some juicy stuff when you reflect about many of these questions. The ones you want to shy away from are those that potentially offer the most significant insights. Hang in there, and draw what cannot be expressed in words. It's just as effective


I've experienced the power of self-reflection in my own life. Honestly, it's what helped me make sense of my midlife unraveling, learn the lessons I needed to learn, and be able to surrender to mysterious forces that were leading me to a more fulfilling life.


Serious self-reflection leads to more compassion for yourself, which automatically leads to a heightened sense of empathy for others. C.G. Jung, one of the founders of depth psychology, the study of the unconscious, suggested that the fate of humanity depends upon the self-reflecting individual.


Your personal self-reflection is happening in concert with millions of others, and eventually the effects will emerge as new ideas erupting from the collective unconscious.


That's how important you are!



Do you really know yourself? Reflection Workbook, Volume 1

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