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It's Here! Get a FREE Copy of my 1st Short Story

Provocative and intensely open. The story exposes a window into a woman's mind and takes you through the emotions and thoughts of someone finding their place and self. Looking forward to more!

- Ryan

The open and raw vulnerability reveal courage and a deeply provocative honesty. I was captivated and intrigued, the author grabbed my attention from the first sentence. I felt happy to be included in the shared intimacy.

- Rebecca Cook

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Why I'm Writing

Midlife unraveling, research on women, sex, and God, and moving to a beach town forced a reunion with a buried part of myself. I'm excitedly working to publish my research AND a memoir - When Sex Meets God.

In the meantime . . . If you appreciate the unexpected craziness of midlife, the awkwardness and vulnerability that come from awakening sexually on a deeper level, and a more nuanced and spiritual experience of sexual desire, I think you’ll like this story - and other short stories inspired by my most awkward, intense and meaningful experiences.

Help Me Find My Peeps!

I know there are some people who will be entertained by my stories, and others who will receive healing. I NEED YOUR HELP to find them. Here's how you can help:

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