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Will You Help Me Get to the Finish Line?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

When Sex Meets God: a midlife story is almost ready to publish

I've been on a roller coaster these last few months as I work to finish and publish my fourth book. This one is different. It's personal because it's my story, but it's also universal and I know so many people will find themselves in it.

When Sex Meets God: a midlife story, is about unraveling, finding personal truth, and reconciling inner battles, which ultimately leads to unleashing in a new way. Parts of the story are tragic and sad and other parts are awkward and amusing. Then there are the vulnerable and juicy parts that have to do with the intertwining nature of sexuality and spirituality and the reward of experiencing new heights of ecstasy and depths of meaning.

The ultimate outcome of accepting the invitation to embark on this dangerous Indiana Jones like adventure is becoming a willing vessel for creative intelligence, which wants to mix with your unique version of being a human being in a way that contributes to the human family.

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When Sex Meets God: a midlife story.

At thirty-eight, Deborah’s life as a mom, professional, and wife felt so right she ignored the twinge of discontent one day on a power walk with her young children. Ten years later, it all fell apart – marriage, her business, and her son said he didn’t want to live. After eighteen months of trying to fix things, she surrendered to doing the one thing she said she would never do but getting divorced only unleashed demons that her twenty-four-year marriage had protected her from.

An irrational calling to pursue a MA/PhD in the mysterious field of depth psychology became Deborah’s mentor as she navigated the vulnerable process of healing wounds that had been buried– a warped relationship between her sexuality and spirituality.

The younger men showed up right on cue as her curriculum to come into deeper relationship with her body and sexuality, preparing her for what came next. It was clear that day on the beach that the intense attraction to another man who was seventeen years younger, had its own agenda. The challenges of the ironic, passionate, and complex relationship forced a reckoning deep inside her, and surrendering to the awkwardness and vulnerability brought the reward of new heights of ecstasy and depths of meaning.

The ultimate reward for having the courage to let it all go, to withstand the discomfort and shame of going against the grain, to find truth for herself, to reconcile what had seemed to be in opposition was finding a new sense of purpose and unleashing creatively.

What happens when Sex meets God? You become a willing vessel for creative intelligence to flow through you to create what only you and it can create together.

I Couldn't Have Done This Without You!

I couldn't possibly have gotten my crazy midlife story to this point without so many people, beginning with all those men who have played the role of antagonist during my life, including my former husband, my first post-divorce romance, and all the others who have crossed my path and helped me come into better relationship with my body, sexuality, spirituality, and ultimately my Self.

I know my children will not be reading this book, but I have consulted them along the way to make sure I am properly honoring the beautiful complexity of our family's experience. "It's not a failure babe," I said again and again to my growing children as I explained the changing nature of relationships. "No one needs to be the bad guy."

And then there's The Write Practice, which found me via a synchronistic email that gave me the courage to launch myself as an author. I had written a couple books before that but I had done it mostly on my own. Now, I cannot imagine ever writing a book without the help of hundreds of people, gracious people who love to read, critique, advise, and support other creative people.

Finally, so many people have read versions of my manuscript along the way and their feedback has pushed me to tell the best story I am capable of writing at this point in my writing career. A special thank you to all my male readers who have confirmed through their interest in my story that I'm onto something when it comes to understanding and healing the collective patriarchal wound men and women carry.

Other Ways You Can Help

  1. Become a Launch Team Member - you can learn more here.

  2. Send ideas for podcasts that might enjoy interviewing me about my book.

  3. Let me know if you've got a local book store that you'd be willing to ask to carry my book.

  4. Maybe your book club would enjoy discussing my book with the author.

  5. Any other ideas you have about how to get my story into the hands of people who will benefit by it, or just be entertained.

Stay Tuned!

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